Building advice

  1. Look at the pictures on the CD, but also check the printouts, ‘cause Leo may mark there some modifications. I missed a few, but no big deal. If got frustrated, just look at the pictures again, again and again.
  2. Use a mask/respirator to protect you lungs from the fibreglass dust, it’s bad.
  3. Don’t buy expensive tools, in my case the cheapest worked just fine.
  4. Tools you need to buy or borrow might include – Allen keys, an electric drill (a bunch of drills to make wholes for rivets is in the kit), riveting tool (the rivets are in the kit), metal saw or its blade (I used it to make holes in the canopy), gloves, goggles, cutting pliers, a spanner or two, etc.
  5. I had to put a bit of abrasive paper between the tiller’s lower part and the lever that actuates the steering rods ‘cause they were not tied enough however strong I bolted them together (an issue of design - they should have been splined, or whatever it’s called).
  6. Riveting is fun, but think well before making holes.
  7. If something is missing in the kit, just call Leo. I got a missing part delivered from him within three days.