A7 is quite roomy. It has a dual drive, which I like a lot, its efficiency and noise aside (isn’t good for racing, but do you do it a lot?).
The suspension (springs in front, elastomers in the back) and steering are excellent.
The headlight (B&M Lumotec IQ – as on Quest) is very bright, riding in the night became for me as good as during the day (fewer cars/pedestrians is a big plus). But you won't see much when turning. Its 6V battery keeps the light working for about 20 hrs, but is not practical for powering turn signals or other stuff I want to transplant from 12V donors.
The new plastic seat is so comfy (I think Quest has the same), you’ll love it! With no padding on it, I could easily handle bumpy roads (with just two shirts on and said above Marathon tires).

The building photo instructions are for an imaginative and attentive builder (here's an example, what is that tube for? I had to undo rivets when I had got the answer). All of the pictures I got were for A6, with the printout showing the changes needed for A7.
The wire housing for brakes (Kevlar coated or so) wasn’t good for bending, so I changed it for some cheap spares I got.
The bell, mainly made of plastic, failed during the first rides. It turned out that there was inside plastic rubbish from threading the holes in it. So check the insides of it before installing, just in case. Otherwise the bell works fine even when it is freezing.

With the standard chain wheel and without the idler/tensioner it is a bit noisy inside, but pedestrians hear you well. After my modifications (the idler at the bottom of the picture was removed), A7 became quieter inside as in Quest or other plexiglas Alleweders.
The noise that I’m afraid will remain always comes from the fork (rear). When I don’t spin and the road is bad, the clanking that comes from there is annoying. I think the hub gearbox is the culprit.