a7's specs

Hidden (or not) specs of my a7

The track is 70 cm (see modifications below), the standard would be about 75cm
The ground clearance is 12 cm (20x1.35 tires, no rider in) or about 8-9 cm loaded.
I think Leo does not mention the size of the cranks - I luckily got 155 mm ones. 
Weight is 38-40 kg (it's with the battery, 3 tyres 20x1.35 Marathon Plus on, computer and a manhole cover). It is according to a cheap bathroom scale used with me holding a7. Obviously a further check is required)
The inner tubes in the kit are with some funny valves I hadn't seen before. But can be pumped without issues and they keep air in very well (almost 1 year without pumping and they still kept some pressure).