My initial modifications

  1. Cut rods/links in the steering/front suspension for about 2 cm since the wheels were sticking out too much as for me. But if you enjoy fast cornering, you’d better think twice. The same goes for turning  - the more you cut, the more space for turning you'd need. The last step in the alignment is on the pic. Now I don't' think it was a good idea, just a few mm adjustments should have been fine.

  2. Did away with the under-boom tensioner and the idler for which tensioner was working. I can’t compare this setting with the original one cause never installed them, but it must result in less friction/parts to wear. My wife and I – the only two riders for whom the A7 is built – are of similar height, so we don’t need that flexibility in moving bottom bracket, though it's still possible. Leo said that Quest's drive-train is one of the most efficient. After this modification, my a7 can claim the same.
  3. Added a 52-teeth chainring in addition to the standard 65-teeth. The point was not to get about 40 speeds, but to ease climbing hills. It worked great. And the drive train is quieter when the smaller ring is used. (I also soundproofed the tube that replaced the idler.)
  4. Didn’t install mirrors. How? I got a helmet mirror attached to my glasses. But than I put a left mirror anyway.
  5. Tried it with a child seat. My 16-month old daughter was quite happy, but getting in and out was hard for me.
    If you are about 160 cm or buy A6, putting and using a child seat behind yours is very simple – just drill 2 holes in it. An the aerodynamics won't be affected much.