Buying advice

Don’t write emails or fill any online forms – you’ll get no reply. Alligt once again is a one-man-shop, just call Leo. Then come in person if you leave in Europe, you won’t regret. I bought my A7 with cash and got an invoice.
On the spot you can try options and check the parts or your assembled piece. The Quest shop is next to the Leo’s outfit, so you can make up your mind, if you haven’t yet. I had a problem fitting the canopy in the car even with just driver's seat remaining (fiat bravo). Thanks to Leo, eventually everything was in, but I rode without seeing the right mirror. 
The manhole cover (foam cover) from Quest (optional) is a must if you ride in cold/wet or fast. The Ventisit option is also a must, given its qualities, especially in the summer. I also bought a few spare idlers, but opted out of the standard Maraphon tires as they were a bit too big for me (but the ride is softer with them). Finally, just to let you know, you can by A7 or other Alleweders in any kit – full, just canopy, without wheels, etc. My experience shows that the less you order the higher value added Leo will charge (e.g. without a rear wheel that includes dual-drive, you get just EUR100 discount).